Ambersil 400 ml High Powered Air Duster FG 30253-AB
x Ambersil 400 ml High Powered Air Duster FG 30253-AB

Ambersil 400 ml High Powered Air Duster FG 30253-AB


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Ambersil 400 ml High Powered Air Duster FG 30253-AB

Ambersil 400 ml High Powered Air Duster FG 30253-AB

Part Numbers: 30253-AB B1S2

Brand: Tiffen

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Product Description

Ambersil 400 ml High Powered Air Duster FG 30253-AB

Air Duster FG Developed for use in food processing factories. Provides a powerful dry blast of inert gas for the removal of dust, dirt and other dry contamination from delicate electrical equipment.

NSF K2 registered for use in the food industry Non-flammable 400ml aerosol Ideal for removing 'dry' residues such as flour, cereals, grain, tea and coffee powders Use where liquid cleaners may be undesirable or impractical Powerful blast to quickly remove residue from inaccessible areas Safe to use on keyboards, computers, lenses, switches, Precision instruments, PCBs Non ozone depleting, does not contain CFC's or HCFC's Safe on all metals, plastics, rubbers and painted surfaces. Approvals NSF K2 registered (No. 140256).

Part Numbers: 30253-AB
EAN / UPC Code: 5017419370117
Quantity / Box: 1 x air duster per carton.
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