Print Quality Marks, Repeating Bands, Spots, Streaks and Smears

If you are having quality issues with your DC240 242 250 252 260 or DC700 C60 or J75 etc, then this guide will help you identify the offending part in your machine. 

Measure the distance between the quality defects and compare to the list below.

0.3mm = Laser / ros stiching error.

1mm = developer assembly or developer drives

2mm = developer assembly or developer drives

6mm = Developer assembly, ibt belt area or developer drives

36mm = developer roller for all colours

36mm = horizontal = developer drives

44mm = bias charge roler for yellow, magenta or yellow drum

58mm = 1st bias transfer roll (1st btr)

62.8mm = 2nd bur roll

88mm = 2nd bias transfer roll (2nd btr)

98mm = fuser belt

110mm = heat roller inside fuser

126mm = yellow, magenta or cyan drum cartridge

188mm = black drum cartridge

Please contact us if you require any help or support regarding this issue. We are always here to help.

Posted on 18th Mar 2019 @ 12:06 PM

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