Xerox® DC240 250 242 252 260 Tray 5 Error 075-210 or 075-211

If you are getting the error messages 075-210 or 075-211 then try the fix below.

Error message 075-210 relates to the lift motor in the tray mechanism. The description from the manual states "Tray 5 Lift Up Sensor does not turn ON a spec time after Tray 5 starts lifting up."

This is becoming a common problem as the machines gets older and is a simple fix.

Inside the tray 5 there is drive motor with lots of gears, it is the smallest gear that is slipping on the drive motor, this means the drive mechanism doesn't have enough power to lift the paper tray to the up position, so the error will appear.

The simple fix is to remove the small gear and put some epoxy resin inside it and put it back on the shaft, this seems to fix 95% of these problems. Just be careful not to get any glue on the surrounding gears or the driver motor itself.

Please contact us if you require any help or support regarding this issue. We are always here to help.

Posted on 14th Feb 2019 @ 12:07 PM

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