Glossary of Terms

To help us all, we have listed the common acronyms that are used in the xerographic world. We hope the information explains them all to you, but if you need any help just contact us.

Acronym List

A/DAnalog to Digital refers to conversion of signal
A3Paper size 297 millimeters (11.69 inches) x 420 millimeters (16.54 inches).
A4Paper size 210 millimeters (8.27 inches) x 297 millimeters (11.69 inches).
ACAlternating Current is type of current available at power source for machine.
ACTAdvanced Customer Training: teaches customers to perform some of service that is normally performed by Xerox Service Representative.
ADJAdjustment Procedure
BitBinary digit, either 1 or 0, representing an electrical state.
CCDCharge Coupled Device (Photoelectric Converter)
CD1:Circuit Diagram; 2: Compact Disc
ChipIntegrated Circuit (IC)
CRUCustomer Replaceable Unit
CYMKToner colors for machine; Y=yellow, C=cyan, M=magenta, and K=black
DADFDuplexing Automatic Document Feeder
DCDirect Current is type of power for machine components. Machine converts AC power from power source to DC power.
DMMDigital Multimeter is generic name for meter that measures voltage, current, or electrical resistance.
Duplex2-sided printing or copying
EMEElectromagnetic Emissions are emitted from machine during normal operation and power of these emissions are reduced by machine design features.
ESDElectrostatic Discharge. A transfer of charge between bodies at different electrostatic potential.
FSFast Scan (direction) Inboard-to Outboard
HFSIHigh Frequency Service Item
HVPSHigh Voltage Power Supply
HzHertz (Cycles per second)
IITImage Input Terminal the Scanner/CCD portion of the machine
IOTImage Output Terminal the ROS/Xero/paper handling/ fusing portion of the machine
IQImage Quality
KC1000 copies
LCDLiquid Crystal Display
LELead Edge of copy or print paper, with reference to definition of term TE
LEDLight Emitting Diode
LEFLong Edge Feed
LTRLetter size paper (8.5 x 11 inches)
LUTLook Up Table - array of NVM locations that store process control data
LVPSLow Voltage Power Supply
NICNetwork Interface Card
NVMNon Volatile Memory
OEMOriginal equipment manufacturer
OGMOn-going Maintenance
PCPersonal Computer
PJPlug Jack (electrical connections)
PLParts List
P/OPart of (Assembly Name)
PWBPrinted Wiring Board (PCB)
PWSPortable Workstation for Service
R/EReduction/Enlargement refers to features selection or components that enable reduction or enlargement of a document
RAMRandom Access Memory
RAPRepair Analysis Procedure for diagnosis of machine status codes and abnormal conditions
REPRepair Procedure for disassembly and reassembly of component on machine
RISRaster Input Scanner
ROMRead Only Memory
ROSRaster Output Scanner - Device that transfers digitally processed image, using laser light to the photoreceptor.
SADSolid Area Density
SCPService Call Procedure
SEFShort Edge Feed
SelftestAn automatic process that is used to check Control Logic circuitry. Any fault that is detected during self-test is displayed by fault code or by LEDs on PWB.
SIMMSingle Inline Memory Module used to increase printing capacity
SimplexSingle sided copies
SSSlow Scan (direction) LE to TE
TETrail Edge of copy or print paper, with reference to definition of term LE
UIUser Interface, also called a GUI or Graphical User Interface
UMUnscheduled Maintenance
USBUniversal Serial Bus
W/ Withindicates machine condition where specified condition is present
W/O Withoutindicates machine condition where specified condition is not present
XBRAXerox Brazil
XEXerox Europe also referred to as ESG (European Solutions Group)
XLAXerox Latin America
XMEXXerox Mexico
YCMKToner colors for machine; Y=yellow, C=cyan, M=magenta, and K=black, also referred to as CMYK