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Fiery EFI Standalone Graphic Arts Premium Package 498N00674 PDF

Fiery EFI Standalone Graphic Arts Premium Package 498N00674
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If you are looking for a Fiery EFI Standalone Graphic Arts Premium Package 498N00674 by EFI FIery®, then you've come to the right place.

EFI FIery®

Fiery EFI Standalone Graphic Arts Premium Package 498N00674 PDF

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1 Kg (volumetric weight)
MachinesXerox® DocuColor™ 240
Xerox® DocuColor™ 250
Part Numbers498N00674
EAN / UPC Code095205232790
DescriptionIf you are an expert user who needs advanced color tools. the Fiery® Graphic Arts Package. Premium Edition gives you professional tools for managing color. proofing and controlling workflow. The integrated solution meets industry standards and gives you accurate and repeatable color every time by letting you have total control of color output quality.
InformationFiery Graphic Arts Package Premium Edition extends the level of color management. proofing. and workflow control available in the Fiery Graphic Arts Package while maintaining a straightforward usability to mask sophisticated tasks.
  • Progressives that show the various combinations of separations for a multi-color document sent through the Fiery controller
  • Postflight reports providing help in correcting or preventing printing problems
  • Control bars to print dynamic job information and user-selected color bars on proofs
  • Ability to adjust the hue. brightness. and saturation of the simulated paper white point defined in the CMYK simulation profiles
  • Configurable settings for auto trapping
  • Enhanced halftone simulation with custom screening functions
  • Ability to automate spot color substitutions by their RGB or CMYK values
  • Local and remote soft-proofing capability with the market's fastest and most powerful zoom feature to see all the way to the dot and pixel levels
Quantity / Box1 Fiery EFI Standalone Graphic Arts Premium Package 498N00674 per carton.

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