IIT Parts

Xerox® DocuColor™ 240 242 250 252 260 IIT Parts - 802E62451, 802E63030, 849E29921, 802E56502, 802E63030, 802E67240, 117E21690, 802E64371, 017E92060, 130K64150, 815E05551, 815E05190, 090K93100, 090K93002, 110K11960, 107E08680, 130E85970, 604K21501, 127K38620, 127K38632, 127K38641, 120K91990, 962K20212, 962K19801, 013E24910, 023E21370, 127K38491, 020E36980, 012K94480, 012K94490, 020E21630, 809E41740, 041K94524, 041K94553, 826E06490, 133K23610, 160K94661, 960K00442, 960K06841, 160K99672, 122E92130, 105E12301, 062E10040, 809E51350, 062K14580, 809E51350, 809E51360, 059K38841, 004K92582, 003K91881, 003K13752, 003E62120

We stock and extensive array of Xerox® DocuColor™ 240, 242, 250, 252 or 260 IIT (Image Input Terminal - the Scanner / CCD portion of the machine) toners, drums, fusers and parts but if there's something you need for the Xerox® DocuColor™ DC240, DC242, DC250, DC252 or DC260 that is not listed here please contact us on sales@xentair.com where one of our advisers will be happy to help you.

The Xerox® DocuColor™ 240 250 copier printers deliver 2400 x 2400 dpi image quality and excellent fine-line reproduction. You’ll also enjoy superb color consistency and colour management capability. We are rated 5.0 stars, based on 86 reviews so contact us today to find out why.

Xerox® DocuColor™ 240 242 250 252 & 260 IIT Parts

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