Xerox® Color J75 C75 Press Error 042-326

If the fault 042-326 was declared 3 times in succession the print mode of the machine will be disabled. In order to clear this error you need to reset the NVM location 741-132 to 0. The error states that the IBT Belt Home position was not detected in time. Try the procedure below, but if you still get the error then there is a problem in the IBT area of the machine. It could be something simple like dirt of the sensor, a missing silver patch on the underside of the IBT belt or it could be the something to do with the tracking device on the IBT assembly.

To Get Into Service Mode; Press the 0 button for 5 seconds, then press start whilst still holding the 0 button.

Type in 6789 as the password and then press confirm. Press the log in/log out button

Go to systems settings common settings maintenance Change the NVM location 741-132 to 0, save and restart the machine.

If the problem continues send us an email to and we can help you further.